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Friday, October 15, 2010

*Featured Fridays Erica*


1. How long have you been natural?
I have been natural for 2years this month! :) 

2. What made you decide to go natural?
My hair was over-processed, and beginning to break off from all the chemicals... So, my stylist suggested that I go natural. I was really skeptical about the transition. I've been getting relaxers and going to the hair salon since age 10, I wasn't sure if I would be able to maintain my own hair.  It was obvious my hair wasn't taking to the chemicals very well, I just never looked at natural as an option. After a few more sessions with my stylist, on I decided to to let the chemicals go!

3. How long did you transition and what was your routine?
Start of Transition
The relaxer grew out of my hair fairly quickly, so the transition did not take long at all. During the transition I mostly kept braids for 2 to 2 1/2 months and went to the salon biweekly in between. That regimen worked great, and by that summer (I went natural the sept. before) I was relaxer free.  

4. How did you BC? Self BC, salon or a friend/family member?
My salon stylist was very supportive. I first thought that you had to chop all your hair off to go natural, and that is not always the case. My stylist just kept my ends trimmed, when I was out of braids, she kept my hair conditioned, and showed me how to take care of it on my own.

5. Do you have any hair goals?
My one hair goal was to become natural, and not go back to those awful relaxers.. and I did it! Now, I want to help and be supportive of anyone thinking of becoming natural, or who is in the process. Many women think relaxer is the key to beautiful hair... and that is far from true.. Look at all of us on this blog...we have beautiful, HEALTHY hair. 

6. Whats your favorite natural hairstyle ad how do you achieve it?
I am still experimenting with different styles. My latest has been the curly look with the Kinky Curly line of products. Only a daily basis, I mostly wear it straight.

7. How did your perception of beauty change once you went natural?

2 Years Natural
I grew up in middle school and high school with the mind set that to have beauty is to have a relaxer.. So definitely my perception has changed. Beauty comes in different types of forms, and I am embracing all them naturally.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seasonal Transition

As you can see I'm really looking forward to the cold weather :/

Hey ladies. As the weather changes so should your regimen. The days of wash and go hair are less comfortable as the temperature drops. Here are some tips for keeping your tresses predictable even when the weather is not.
 1. Deep Condition more often
If you are a natural diva who only deep conditions your hair once monthly consider doing it weekly. The benefits of deep conditioning can help protect your strands from the harsh winter weather and keep your curls soft and pliable.
2. Utilize hats
As the weather gets colder utilize the cold weather accessories for your hairs benefit. When you're about to throw on that beanie to keep your ears warm, think about the endless possibilities. Baggying may become your new best friend. You can easily baggy then place a hat on top to keep your hair concealed. I have often done this and deep conditioned my hair all day without a soul knowing. This is also a good fix for when you have a bad hair day.  Be cautious when using cotton or wool hats. They can rob your hair of moisture and cause breakage in the long run. To prevent this wear a silk or satin scarf under the hat as if you were going to bed.
3. Sort through your products
Colder weather means heavier products for some. If shea butter was too heavy for you in the summer it may be time to take it out of the product graveyard. Also, watch out for products containing large amounts of glycerin. They may have the opposite effect and actually dry your hair out during the winter.
4. Try protective styling
Cold air can do serious damage to the ends of natural hair. What better time than fall/winter to get creative with some protective styling. if you have been flaunting wash and gos and puffs all summer why not try some fierce updos, cute coils or get creative with bobby pins. Get acquainted with your hair and tuck it away to retain the most length during the cold months.

Whats your best seasonal transition tip?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Featured Friday *Jade*

1. How long have you been natural?
I BCed in January 2010. So 9 months.

2. What made you decide to go natural?
A.      I didn’t enjoy getting relaxers.
B.      I don’t find straight hair attractive.
C.      I didn’t want to be a slave to my hairdresser every couple of weeks for
the rest of eternity.
D.      The chemicals in a relaxer are NASTY and probably carcinogenic.
E.      I wanted to show people that long, straight hair isn’t what made me
beautiful. It’s my eyes, my lips, my nose, my voice, my smile. Hair is
just meant to frame my most beautiful features.


3. How long did you transition and what was your routine?
About 9 months. Well I heat damaged some of my new growth. Then I tried a
weave for the first time in my life, but that caused major breakage.
Eventually I grew some cojones and bit the bullet.

4. How did you BC? Self BC, salon or a friend/family member?
I went to my scissor happy stylist at his salon. And he’s clueless about
natural hair. He didn’t detangle properly, used too much heat on my virgin
hair, and he threw some alcohol based gel on my head, thinking he was
doing me a favor by giving me crunchy helmet hair.  But I smiled and
tipped and conditioned and moisturized my hair properly that night.

5. Do you have any hair goals?
Yeah, I want to be able to hide a kitten in my ‘fro. And block people from
seeing the dry-erase board in class.

6. Whats your favorite natural hairstyle and how do you achieve it?
I like making a frohawk out of an old twist out. I just pin up the sides
and walk out the door.

7. How did your perception of beauty change once you went natural?
       It didn’t. I’ve always liked highly textured hair. I was just a sheep and
wanted to fit in when I got a relaxer. But I quickly exhausted the few
manipulations you can do with relaxed hair, and ended up with my hair
hanging limply around my face or thrown into a ponytail. I looked boring.
Now my hair reflects who I am: brave, gravity-defying, confident, sweetly
scented, earthy, creative, flexible, and though people think I’m hard,
I’m just a big softy.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Featured Fridays *Natural Nina*

Life Time Natural

1. Whats your favorite way to style you hair?

Over the 10 years that I have been natural, my hair has seen many styles and colors. My favorite way to style my hair used to be messy updos, when I had locs in my hair. Now that I have done another big chop, I'm anxious to get back to those types of styles when my twa gets a little longer.

2. What are your favorite products?

My favorite products for styling my hair are Knot Today and Kinky Curly Curling Custard from the Kinky Curly line. When I use my Knot Today and KCCC on my twa, I get the best curl definition my hair has ever had. 

3. How do you keep your hair healthy?

Keep my hair healthy by staying away from products that are made from mineral oil, petrollium, and other cheap ingredients that my hair doesn't like. I keep a tight regimen, of weekly deep conditioning treatments, scalp massages 3 times a week with castor or coconut oils,  I sleep in a satin bonnet,  I stay away from all hair weaves, extensions, and braids to prevent traction alopecia, and I drink lots of water.

4. Do you have any hair goals?

My current hair goal is to grow bra strap length healthy hair, and I gave myself a realistic time period of 5 years to reach my goal.

5. Have you ever felt pressured to relax your hair? If so How did you overcome the pressure?

I have been pressured to relax my hair several times over the years, on both a professional and personal level. I overcame the pressure by sticking informing those around me that my natural hair is a natural part of me that will not change. I would be willing to replace the people around me, including my work environment, before I put creamy crack back in my hair. I prefer that people respect my choice, as I respect theirs. It's not my fault if anyone around me is intimidated by my natural stance. My suggestion is to get over it because however I choose to wear my hair, does not make or break anyone else.  We are all naturally beautiful, and I choose to not to hide my beauty with chemicals and fake hair.

Check out Natural Ninas  blog

Friday, September 3, 2010

Featured Fridays *Tara*

1. How long have you been natural?

I have only been natural for two weeks! I’m very “newly natural”. :)

2. What made you decide to go natural?

Many reasons! I’ve had relaxers for most of my life – since third
grade! It’s been so long that I had previously forgotten what my
natural hair texture was, especially since before my relaxers, my hair
was often pressed and curled. I was intensely curious about what my
natural hair would be like, so I decided to find out.

I also looked forward to what I thought was a more low-maintenance way
of keeping my hair. While it’s a new challenge to learn how to style
and care for my natural hair, it’s a huge relief not to run and hide
at the first sign of water!

I’ve also never enjoyed getting relaxers – to me, the process was
downright excruciating, so it was a relief to never have to get them
ever again!


3. How long did you transition and what was your routine?

I planned to be a long-term transitioner at first – I was so attached
to my hair that I planned to cut it, inch by inch, until I had grown
my natural hair to approximately the same length. I should have
figured that wouldn’t cut it because I tend to be extremely impulsive.
I ended up transitioning for about six months.

My routine was pretty simple: I moisturized with coconut oil and olive
oil. For two of the months, I had braids. When it came to washing, I
left it to my stylist because I was afraid too much manipulation would
cause breakage at the line of demarcation. About a third of my
transition time was spent wearing braids. I planned to wear braids for
longer, but I got too impatient!

4. How did you BC? Self BC, salon or a friend/family member?

I went to my regular hairstylist. It was amazing watching her cut off
my hair. I thought I would be highly upset, but I was really just
excited! I also thought I would have a rough transition period as I
got used to having short hair for the first time, but I loved it

5. Do you have any hair goals?

At this point I don’t have any goals, at least not in terms of growth.
I want to learn how to style and care for my natural hair and I’ll be
happy with whatever happens!

6. What’s your favorite natural hairstyle ad how do you achieve it?

At this point, I’m still mastering the wash-n-go. But honestly, I love
playing with my hair and seeing what it does – every day is a new
learning experience. I couldn’t be more excited!

7. How did your perception of beauty change once you went natural?

I have admired natural hair for a very long time – I just didn’t have
the bravery necessary to cut my own hair. However, I think I have an
even deeper appreciation for natural hair and it makes the glaring
lack of diversity in media representation a whole lot more jarring. I
make sure to compliment the fly naturals I see on the street for some
positive reinforcement. :)

Finally Natural :)
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Monday, August 30, 2010

3 month update

So these past 2 months I have accomplished a lot in my natural journey. I have met all my hair goals for the month, found some of my holy grail products and been featured in another natural hair blog.

Updated Regimen
wash 1x/week (kinky curly come clean)
deep condition 1x/week ( homemade deep conditioner or tresseme naturals)
henna 1x/month( celebration henna)
cowash 2x/week(suave professionals or tresseme naturals)
bentonite clay 1x/month
moisturize 1/day ( homemade butter blend or shea moisture style milk)

Now for pics
1 week natural

almost 3 months natural

Thats all for now readers